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I Am With You

God Sees What’s Going On – You Can Trust Him Life is hard enough to interpret at the best of times – so how can we ever work it out when things are confusing and unclear? There’s so much happening around us – how can we see clearly? How does trusting in our good God helps us through the maze of trouble and confusion? Read ahead: Exodus 2

Songs for the Coming Saviour (December)

This month at Gateway:

The surprising thing about the Psalms is how in such a context of dislocation there is still a breathtaking confidence in the glorious new reality God would bring. These are the songs that yearn for the Coming King: let's sing them with everything we are.

This Changes Everything (October - November 2017)

October 31 marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg.


What makes this event so important? And why do we trace our core beliefs back to the time of the Reformation?


What are those beliefs, and why do they 'change everything' about how we see life, our place in the world, and God's purpose for the world we live in?


Truth is, these core realities are just as relevant today as when they were first promoted by people like Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Knox.


During October and November we'll be finding out why these core truths we so influential, and why - even today - they change everything.

Listening With Your Heart

For those interested, this is the reading method Dave spoke about during his sermon yesterday. If you would like to purchase a copy of Seeking God's Face, see Dave or go to Book Depository to purchase online.

Come Thirsty (July - August 2017)

Photo: DG - Yewlands Pool, Wooleen Station, WA

You’re thirsty? We all are. Thirsty. Inside. In our soul. Something doesn’t feel right. So come, thirsty. You don’t have to get yourself sorted out to find renewed depth in your relationship with Jesus. His living water is all around. Good news: Jesus welcomes you as you are. It’s just that he won’t leave you there.
So, what can you do? How can you deepen your love for Jesus? How can you have a richer walk with him? How do we do that  as church?
This series of teaching will look at what you can do regularly to have a richer spirituality, a more vibrant love for Jesus and his people, and maybe even a stronger faith. Who wouldn’t want that? 

Gateway Community Church

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